12 Best Hacking Movies That You Can Watch Right Now

For some people, piracy is an art, for others it is a pleasure and for others it is a serious technological matter. For many people, hacking a small email account is hacking, and for some, destroying a nation is hacking. For me, this knowledge protects against potential intruders. In general, piracy is social engineering, and if you landed here to watch great pirate movies, you should know what social engineering is. In any case, the video below will not teach you how to pirate, but these videos are good enough to inspire/motivate you to pirate.

I’m not saying they’re all the best, but of course they’re at the top of the list of pirate films, and maybe you could add something to your film collection.  This list is not in any particular order, and you are welcome to suggest and recommend other films that have inspired you to piracy.

Hacker films that every new hacker should watch:

1. Hacker (1995) : Imdb

Hacker movie Angelina Jolie

The movie Hackers got the whole series, and it’s called Hackers1, Hackers2 and so on. Let’s start with my favor, Hacker. The main attraction of this film is the cyber war between Acid Burn. Angelina Jolie and Zero Cool by Johnny Lee Miller. The Villian may seem ridiculous in his approach, and that’s nothing for a serious hacker. The film got an average rating, but it’s worth seeing.

If you want to know how hackers use their social engineering skills to get sensitive details about your equipment, this film won’t let you down. Here’s the trailer for this movie:

2. Anti-monopoly legislation (2001) : Imdb

Antitrust law

A programmer’s job at a trendy company in Portland becomes a nightmare when he discovers that his boss has secret and ruthless means to solve the cartel’s problems. Look at the cartel trailer:

3.the network (1995) : Imdb

Identity theft is not new in the world of online hacking.  This film is about Angela, a computer fan who leads a very discreet life. This film shows their struggle to regain their identity online. It probably opens the eyes of many people who think about how to completely erase someone’s personality and create a new one.

4 Silicon Valley Pirates (1999) : IMDB:

Pirates of Silicon Valley

It is a documentation on the origins of desktop computers. The whole saga from 1970 to 1997. This documentary is about a real incident that took place at that time between Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Steve Jobs (Apple).  Again, it’s not a real hacker movie, but it’s worth watching. After all, hacking is the spirit and the knowledge of the base, and our most important one is the computer.

5. (2000) : Imdb:

Kevin David Mitnick is currently a computer security consultant in the United States. This film tells the story of his life and how the hacker became a computer security consultant in the province. Surprisingly, when Kevin was arrested for cybercrime, he was on the most wanted list.

6 war games(1983):Imdb

Homepage of Wargames2

The Oscar-winning film tells the story of a young hacker who accidentally launched the production of a warhead, which may have been the beginning of World War III. In a way, I didn’t really like it, but a lot of my friends liked it and were advised to put it on the list.

7. Swordfish (2001) : Imdb

Poster on swordfish

Speaking of burglary, we can forget John Travolta’s swordfish, who shows his intelligence and his master plan to steal billions of dollars on American soil without being seen. And if you haven’t seen this movie yet, take a look at the Swordfish trailer below and take it with you:

8 Live Free or Die Hard (2007) : Imdb

This film is about the complete destruction of the country by a network attack. Here, malicious Gabriel was planning to destroy the latest database of all financial transactions in the country. It was a well-planned attack, and at some point you’ll be surprised to see the pattern of the attack. It’s more of a sequel to Bruce Willis’ action movie, but it’s worth seeing. Watch the movie trailer here on Youtube.

9. Matrix (1999) : IMDB:

matrix 1 poster

This film is about Neo, a hacker who learns from mysterious rebels the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against his controllers.  You could think of watching the Matrix trilogy, because without the sequel this film will be incomplete. Here’s the trailer for the Matrix trilogy:

10. Not traceable (2008): Imdb :

poster not found

I saw this movie last week and I liked the concept. In the movie, Diane Lane is beautiful, sexy and childish. The film shows how the website www.killwithme.com, which shows how the murders of vividly tortured users become a success, and Diana has finally found the killer.

11. Sneakers (1992) : Imdb

Poster on the sneakers

A group of hackers understand their professional skills by checking the security of computer systems and deliberately trying to hack them. They were involved in a complex conspiracy involving the National Security Agency and the Mafia.

12) Social network (2010) : IMDB

I don’t need to mention that it’s not a movie about piracy, but I’m sure if you’re talking about piracy, you want to know how Facebook came into being and why there are so many disputes about Facebook. Maybe you can change your perception of Mark Zuckerberg. Here is the full story of a Harvard student who created a simple website to compare girls and how he ended up on Facebook. A complete Facebook trip that every nerd should see.

Let us know which one of these pirate movies you’ve already seen. Do you miss your favorite pirate movie? Let me know by commenting. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends on Facebook and Google Plus.

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