15 Best Magnetdl Alternatives to Use in 2020

Looking for an alternative to the online magnet? So you’ve come to the right place, because here you’ll find the right alternative to the magnet. We know that magnetdl is one of the famous dumps that is no longer active. The following information will help you choose from the many possibilities if you do not have access to a magnet. Downloading music, movies, etc. is very easy with a magnet, but there are alternatives to perform the task without too much effort.

15 Best magnetic alternatives

1. Thepiratebay3.org

Looking for an alternative to the magnet, the Pirate’s Cove Mirror is a good idea. Without the problems of the adult staff on the site, there is no risk of a virus attack when the site is open. Not all countries prohibit its use. It also makes it easy to download movies, games, music and other software without any problems.

2. Yourbittorrent.com

This alternative to magnetdl is a suitable option for sharing different torrent files with friends and other people. The files are available free of charge and can be forwarded. It makes it possible to collect quality torrents from different sites. In addition, the interface of the alternative is easy to use. On this site you will find the latest information about films, music and everything else.

3. Boundary currents

There are many possibilities for movies, games, applications, files, shows, series and TV programs. The options are easy to find on the homepage of the site. The latest files are easy to download. Register on the site as rarbg and you can start downloading. You do not need a Limestorrents agent to access this page. It is easily accessible via the link given here.

4. YTS.It

If you are looking for an alternative, nothing beats YTS, it works as Torrents, Pirate Bay, TorrentZ, eztv and others. It provides a user-friendly interface to view various options. In addition, the most popular downloads are available on the homepage, so that users can easily access them.

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5. Torrentpier.com

This is a well-known torrent tracker that can be used to access multiple torrent files. The site offers options such as gallery, resources and others for the user’s convenience. All information about the site’s files is available on the home page, so that newcomers can easily access them.

6. Fast-torrent.ru

Looking for a quick alternative to magnets? Well, fast-torrent.ru is an option that users can use in a few simple steps. Some of the available options are TV series, games, music, animations, movies and others available on this site. The platform is easy to manage and makes it possible to switch from one option to another.

7. Movsr.tv

It is another popular trading platform and a good alternative to Magnet. It is easy to download files from this platform and no registration is required. It allows you to download multiple files without stopping. You can get files based on different languages and genres.

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8. Gamestorrents.tv

Gamestorrent.tv is one of the latest options and alternatives for magnets. It is also a great option for gamers who have access to the many games available for download. Games can be searched by name and you can easily navigate to their homepage. It is therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced people.

9. Haemorrhages

It was restored in 2016 on katcr.co and is an excellent option for many properties. Each of these devices can be easily downloaded, so you can start using them by logging in. This site offers various possibilities for movies, songs, TV series, music, games and more. If you are looking for an alternative to a magnet, this is the right choice.

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10. Monova.org

It is an excellent magnetic alternative and the best platform for sharing, posting and downloading articles. The files are compatible to work on different devices. You have access to software, e-books, games, TV series, TV shows, etc. With the user-friendly functions on the homepage, it is a great alternative to a magnet.

11. TorrentDownload

Downloading Torrent is a great option for users looking for an alternative to Magnetle. For practical applications, anime, music, games, movies and more, this option may be preferred over others. Menus and functions are easy to navigate, links to download the file are easily accessible.

12. Torrent Radio

Are you interested in series and films? TorrentFunk is a great alternative to Magnet, where you have access to different types of videos. Old and new content is available on the platform for quick download. Easy to maintain for many years, it has become a popular choice among moviegoers because they have access to the magnet.

13. IDope.se

IDope.se is another alternative search engine for Magnet. For quick file downloads, this application is the perfect alternative you should try. The installation is done via a simple interface, the download links are easily accessible. The main tab serves as a search window. You can easily use this alternative from books, video games, movies, applications, etc.

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14. Control currents

For the latest collection of films and TV series, this torrent site is the perfect alternative to a magnet. It provides updates to the latest version of the movie, so users are always up to date. New files are also available for easy download. The video files are divided into separate categories, making it easy to download files and compatible with most devices.

15. Ettv.à

This is a new torrent platform, similar to ExtraTorrent, and a good alternative to Magnet. If you are looking for an entertainment option, this platform is perfect and offers a lot of digital content that can be easily downloaded from the website. A unique feature is that you can make requests for files or movies that are not available on the site. Discover this ingenious alternative to the magnet.


It is pure pleasure to be able to download content that would otherwise not be available. In this post we have taken care to write about the best magnet alternatives that exist, all the alternatives work, and if you open one of the options. You will notice that almost all of them have a VCR-like user interface. I hope you enjoy downloading the pages indicated.

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