6 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

WordPress is the best platform for blogs. There’s no competition. For this platform it is preferable to use WordPress managed hosting. You can read all about it here.

So, what does WordPress Hosting actually support?

With WordPress managed hosting only WordPress sites are supported. It also offers services that increase the productivity of your site. If you own WordPress sites, hosting on Managed WordPress will be one of the best decisions you will make.

The powerful features of WordPress hosting make it an ideal choice for corporate websites or websites that receive a lot of traffic.

Managed hosting of WordPress has many advantages, such as :

  • Security
  • Support
  • Automatic daily backup

And many other things… If you want peace of mind and a budget, you should definitely turn to Managed WordPress solutions.

The only scenario in which you don’t need to host WordPress is if you don’t have a WordPress site. In that case, it’s of no use to you. If this is the case, you should look for dedicated hosting or a VPS. That would be your best chance.

WordPress sites are too popular. This makes it an ideal solution for hosting companies. This means that there are many WordPress hosting companies, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The advantage is that you have too many options, the disadvantage is that you have too many options.

But don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the best WordPress hosts. It will allow you to easily make the ideal choice. Let’s get started…

Evaluate the WordPress hosting company with the best management!


Kinsta may be the youngest company on the market, but it has made a name for itself. Today it is the best managed WordPress hosting company, no one else will come close. It’s quite expensive, but the same goes for any WordPress host.

Kinsta only hosts WordPress – if you don’t have a WP site, you don’t even have to worry about it. It uses the Google Cloud platform for all hosting settings. There are more than 23 global datacenters to choose from.

Kinsta has a clean and modern user interface. Customer support is also excellent, available 24 hours a day and helps you just that little bit extra. In addition, it offers a 99% uptime guarantee, which is an excellent industry standard.


Whatever your website is, if it’s a WordPress website, you should check out Flywheel. It is one of the best managed WordPress hosts. Few owners are better than Flywheel.

The flywheel was developed with the designers and makers in mind. The experience you’ve had doesn’t look like it. You must not use the convenience of another host. For plans starting at $23/month, it’s a little pricey. Worth the money, I’d say!

Your support team consists of WordPress experts. Whatever your problem is, the support team will save you. It has many features – nightly backup, fast AF, CDN, easy scalability and more. – are just a few of them. So, when do you get the flywheel?


Pagely is a popular web hosting company known for its focus on security. The main objective of the company is to provide first class security and lightning fast protection. It has many excellent properties.

Features include daily backup, automatic WordPress kernel update, PressArmor, etc. PressArmor is a customizable security configuration that is only available through Pagely.

Another advantage is that Pagely also offers PRESSCDN and paint caching to make your websites fast enough. But Paigley is expensive. It starts at $499 a month, which is impossible for small website owners. Only suitable for owners of large companies.

WPX hosting

WPX Hosting was introduced in 2013 and is one of the best managed WordPress hosts in recent years. What makes WPX hosting great is the transparency that most hosting companies don’t even think about.

WPX Hosting is one of the fastest, if not the fastest WordPress hosters in the world. It has its own user interface, which is clean and easy to navigate. They also have their own CDN, which only a few web hosting companies own.

Here are some of the services offered by WPX Hosting – a special CDN, an SSD for lightning-fast experiments, all kinds of transparencies, etc. All this distinguishes WPX from the others. The price starts at $20.83/month and can be used by beginners.


LiquidWeb is by no means a new name in the web industry. They are known for their high-quality accommodation. With Nexexcess they started offering cheap hosting services: WordPress management.

They have 5 datacenters worldwide. Even if your dashboard seems outdated, navigation is easy. You’ll have all the control panel functions you need to get your WordPress website up and running with ease.

The services offered by LiquidWeb include: 24/7 telephone or e-mail support, fast SSD drives, 99.97% uptime – the highest in the industry, etc. Your plans start at $19 a month. It’s worth a look.

Pressure classes

Presslabs is a high-quality managed hosting service for agencies and publishers. If you are an agency owner and need to serve customers involved in web development, this may be useful to you.

Press laboratories are incredibly safe, fast and reliable. This is good for those who expect an enormous amount of traffic in the future and do not want any problems. Your development plan is completely free.

However, there is only one plan to choose from and it is also very expensive. It’s $99/month, a small company can’t possibly play that much. If you can afford it, it costs money.

Final Remarks .

Ahoy buddy, these are the best WordPress hosts, you should check if you own the WordPress site. WordPress management solutions offer so many quality services that are rarely available at an affordable price.

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Which of these managed WordPress hosting plans do you consider to be the best? Which one don’t you like? Please let us know in the following remarks…

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