CozyPhones Headphones- Best Noise Canceling Headphones For ASMR

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Principal characteristics

  • Provides a totally relaxing effect
  • Comes with a 1/8 inch thick shock absorber
  • Supplied with a robust 52-cable
  • Lightness and comfort
  • Equipped with a washable sleeping belt
  • Perfect for your head
  • It helps you sleep.
  • Has a unique shape of hollow contours under the ears
  • Reliable and durable
  • Has a 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Blocks with loud noises

ASMR plays with your brain and helps reduce migraines, anxiety, tension and insomnia. Listening to the special starting sounds, you will feel calm and serene, which also helps you to sleep. It’s not always the trigger sounds that can put you to sleep, but there can also be sounds that encourage you to be awake. So if you’re looking for the best noise-cancelling headphones for ASMR, I’ve got you covered! With CozyPhones Sleep earphones you can experience the dream of sleeping like a tree trunk.

Why choose these noise-cancelling earphones when the online market is full of options? Yes, there are some obvious features of these super awesome headphones that made me choose these headphones! CozyPhones earphones are available in a pocket size budget without compromising on quality and function. Even at such a low price, these headphones have amazing features that just fit in your heart.

One of the unavoidable features of CozyPhones sleep port telephones is a super-comfortable 1/8-inch flexible loudspeaker with a 52-inch cable that not only gives you comfort, but also takes the hassle out of the cable. Because they are very light and comfortable, you can easily wear them for longer periods of time and you will never complain of earache or discomfort.

The cold mesh lining provides a firm grip to keep the speakers in place and also forces air in. In the end, it keeps you in shape. What’s more, the headband of these better sound-absorbing earphones is also washable, so they can be washed when they get dirty or soaked in sweat. Overall, these are the best noise-cancelling headphones for the ASMR.

The outer material of this sleeping helmet is not as high quality as you might think, but keep in mind that it offers much more for a very reasonable price, so you are more likely to compromise on the material. So if you’re on a tight budget and can’t wait to buy the perfect earphone that lets you sleep peacefully and easily, then there’s no better option than these CozyPhones sleep earphones.


  • A decent sound
  • Super comfortable
  • Profitable
  • Long cable
  • Powerful noise reduction


  • A better substance would be desirable

Customer reviews of the best noise cancelling earphones for ASMR

According to customer feedback, these headphones have a phenomenal design! It’s so comfortable, and when the earphones are just the right size, they offer the best sound quality and volume. Customers have recommended CozyPhones for a more comfortable listening experience!

Some people say it’s hard to keep them in the right place because they slip a little. But unlike traditional helmets, these are the only helmets worth using in the prone position. They are wrapped inside with a foam disc to keep them comfortable, and you can move them around to fit your ears. Many people have discovered this supportive technology and voted them the best noise-cancelling headphones for ASMR.