Enhance your security with the best finger scanning door lock


The pain of a safe place is present in everyone’s consciousness, a place where one can feel safe. Whether at home or in the office, everyone wants to feel safe. The safety of homes and workplaces has become a great need over time. So here we propose a solution to this problem, with checks to find the best scan of the fingers of the door lock.

These locks are more secure and it is no problem to remember a password or registration key.

Handle lock AB UL3 BT TextUltraloq smart, antique bronze – fingerprint door lock

☞Product weight: 6 lbs
☞Product dimensions: 7 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches


What should I pay attention to when purchasing a digital scanning door lock?

When purchasing biometric door locks, there are many issues to consider and take into account. Before we describe our most popular products. Here are some of the features you should know in advance.

Low battery indicator:

If you have a power source at home or in front of the lock, you need a battery indicator to indicate that the battery is low. Often it’s too late and you can’t charge it for another energy source. Therefore, you will be blocked from the outside when the battery is empty.

Multiple fingerprints:

It’s not practical to have a lock that only a fingerprint can remember. Since there are other members in the house or office. Even if a person lives alone, the lock should allow contact between several people.


Nowadays the LCD screen is an important element for almost everything, and it is useful because it shows a number of unsuccessful attempts. If anyone other than you tried to open that lock, you know that. Second, if there are other problems or if the parameters can be displayed on the screen.

Built-in alarm:

An alarm that informs you of an attempt to open the door is necessary and important. If anyone tries to open the lock, a sudden alarm will deter him.

Mechanical key option:

A mechanical key as an alternative to opening the door is also advantageous, as the lock sometimes does not work due to a lack of battery or power failure. In this case the key is needed to get in without extra effort.

Detection of live fingers

With the development of security technology, craftsmen are creating loopholes so that false fingerprints can be made on the silicone, and they are effective in opening locks when used properly. To defeat this tactic, live fingerprint recognition works. It checks whether the finger is still attached to the living body or the artificial body.

List 7 Best door lock Finger lever

1. Ultraloq AB UL3 BT Smart lever lock, Old Bronze – Ring scanning door lock

Key features

  • Article weight : 6 GBP
  • Product dimensions: 7 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: U-tec Group Inc.

It is a very interesting product because it fits perfectly in the decoration of old and old houses. It is an OLED-compatible biometric system that looks very discreet because it is covered with a matte black bronze coating and the design is antique. It is also very affordable in terms of price.

This product is more suitable for normal users because it is a 3D optical version of biometric locks. It has no RFID and allows the use of a mechanical key. It also has a keyboard for entering information or accessing functions. This lock provides users with a low burglar alarm and a false alarm, so it is not easy to break. It uses 3AA batteries as a power source and, most importantly, it has a touch screen, which makes it convenient to use when it is not sure whether fingerprints are possible.

It is the best product for those who have a deep interest in fashion and decoration, especially antique objects, and who want to get everything that suits their taste and fits easily into it. This product has many advantages because it is durable and works even when the power is off, and yes, it is safe on many levels. With all these advantages and disadvantages, like all products, it also has some disadvantages or drawbacks. The AA battery he uses is a pretty bad feature. The touch screen is quite sensitive and the handle/lever is not very attractive.

Name HUltraloq AB UL3 BT Smart lever lock, Old Bronze – door scanner Finger lock

  • – Touch screen. – Multi-level security. – It works when the power is off. – Prolonged.
  • – Requires an AA battery. – The touch screen seems a little fragile. – Fur pen/knot.

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2. ZKTeco TL400B – robust door lock with finger scan function

Key features

  • Item Weight: 10.3 lbs
    Item Dimensions: 2.83 x 12.2 x 1.34 inches
    Manufacturer : ZKTeco CO., LTD.

Like the previous one, it is a different product of better quality, but it is characterized by the fact that it also has an RFID function with biometric security. It is a kind of aesthetic product, but for safety reasons it is quite reliable and safe.

It is amazing that it can be connected via a mobile phone with Bluetooth and RFID and work in a well-defined way. Features include 3D optics with RIFD support and an optional mechanical key to unlock the door when the battery is low. It is equipped with a keyboard for entering information and instructions. This product is equipped with 4AA batteries as power source, multiple fingerprint access, touch screen and burglar alarm in case someone tries to enter the room.

It doesn’t contain too many bad passwords, which is great. This is an old-fashioned product with a black or blue display and a steel surface, but yes, it is very safe to use this product because it offers great safety. This product is recommended for those who do not like the way it looks.

The advantages of this product are a touch screen, a multi-level security system and a function that works when the power to the house is turned off. And yes, it’s such a sustainable product. The only bad feature of this product is its appearance and AA battery.

ZKTeco TL400B – robust door lock with finger scan function

  • – Touch screen. – Multi-level security. – It works when the power is off. – Prolonged.
  • – Rechargeable AA battery = – Light industrial type.

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3. ULTRA LOW U-Bolt Pro – Scan the door lock with your fingers via Wi-Fi

Key features

  • Item Weight: 3.08 lbs
    Item Dimensions: 10.1 x 4.6 x 4.2 inches
    Manufacturer : U-Tec

Ultraloq is a manufacturer of biometric door locks for security and creativity. Two of their most inspiring products are mentioned here, starting with U-Bolt Pro. It’s a screw, as the name suggests. It can be opened in six different ways, has intelligent intrusion protection and is supported by an excellent application that allows it to be locked from anywhere.

U-Bolt Pro doesn’t look like traditional bolts. It has a large rectangular outer casing with numbers arranged in an arc and a fingerprint reader in the middle. Flexibility is best of a fingerprint reader because it works regardless of the angle you place your finger. The lock runs on four AA batteries, but there is a MicroUSB slot at the bottom for emergencies. The Ultraloq application greatly simplifies the management of jumps and fingerprints and provides access to a detailed activity log. Easily add or remove fingerprints and individual profiles for up to 60 users The keyhole is hidden behind the front of the lock, so thieves won’t even think of looking for it.

It is easy to install and has a hidden keyhole. Best of all, it comes with an application that lets you unlock it over Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

The only bad feature is that it has temporary problems and fingerprints only work if the hands are clean.

Title hereULTRA LOW U-Bolt Pro – Door lock scanner with Wi-Fi

  • – Easy installation – Hidden keyhole – Perfect companion application – Can be unlocked from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi
  • – Fingerprints work best with clean hands – Intermittent connection problems

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4.fortunately a high-end door lock with finger scan function

Main features

  • Item Weight: 5.19 lbs
    Item Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.92 x 7.4 inches
    Manufacturer : PIN Genie GmbH

Another approach to implementation is a keyless biometric door to Lockeley. It has a touch screen to read and type like Samsung, but uses a new, more rigorous generation of 3D print recognition, but with a much lower false-negative speed.

It’s cheaper and it’s an advantage. It offers both Bluetooth and auto-blocking compatibility with iOS or Android. This is much easier than a Samsung offer and this is reflected in the price reduction.

The big advantage of this model is that it has a double power supply, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. Interacting with mobile devices via Bluetooth is a good idea, but anyone using Bluetooth knows how long it takes to sync devices. However, it is a good design, if not a slow one.

.fortunately a high quality door lock with thefinger scan function.

  • – Touch screen. – Multi-level security. – It works when the power is off. – Prolonged.
  • – Backup battery – 9V. – The touch screen seems a little fragile. – Samsung SHS-P718-LMK

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5. SHS-P718-LMK – High quality door lock with finger scan function

Key features

  • Item weight: 9.58 lbs
    Item dimensions: 17.72 x 4.72 x 12.6 inches
  • Manufacturer: SUMMARY

You know you are working with a product that benefits from many years of experience in high quality electronics and modern innovations when working with Samsung devices. It may come as a surprise that Samsung is in the security industry, but they need fingers in every technical cake. It is a sensor-based biometric system that offers multiple access methods with RFID and codecaptation. It is elegant and attractive and offers a serious business relationship for anyone who wants to make things difficult with a smooth wire brush. This decision will be offered to you if you have no objection to the costs and you do not have a primary choice. But frankly, if you don’t get many good things, the house will help you communicate your positive financial situation. He seems a little overwhelmed.

It has some pretty amazing features, including a touch screen, RFID, a mechanical keyboard and a burglar alarm. It is an optical biometric lock that uses 8 AA alkaline batteries as an energy source with a life span of 12 months/10 use per day. The most amazing feature of this lock is that it can capture and store up to 100 unique fingerprints.

This device is certainly not cheap, but you can’t go wrong with Samsung as a whole if you want the best product.

With all these advantages such as the modern design, the best quality that Samsung offers, the touch screen, multi-level security and durability, it also has some disadvantages. For example, it uses AA batteries instead of an AC adapter. His touchscreen seems a little fragile. It has no mechanical key and is very expensive.

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK – High quality fingerprint door lock

  • – Modern design. – Samsung quality. – Touch screen. – Multi-level security. – It works when the power is off. – Prolonged.
  • – Uses AA batteries instead of AC adapter. – The touch screen seems a little fragile. – There’s no mechanical key. – Very expensive.

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6. ZKTeco BL10 – Economy sweep door lock

Key features

  • Item Weight: 4.31 lbs.
    Item Dimensions: 5.9 x 7.9 x 5.5 inches
    Manufacturer : ZKTeco CO., LTD.

The cheapest device that can lock your bedroom door and behaves like an office building. The ZKTeco BL10 is an elegant lock with a fingerprint reader and a fun application to use. It works as long as it is protected from the weather, and the attractive price is a good investment that suits every interior door in your home.

The ZKBioBL application is not specific, but is downloaded and all functions are easily accessible. The clock is clearly defined and has a complete user logbook. Diagrams can be defined for each of the 100 registered users with diagrams. You can work every day and as many hours as you want, with an increase of one hour. Historical lists can be retrieved and sorted by user and in time to make finding an instance easier. The only disadvantage is that the reader reacts slowly to fingerprints. It takes a few seconds to turn on the door, which can be dangerous in an emergency. Connecting to an application is always frustrating. Every time you turn it on, it’s looking for a lock, so it’s no quicker to open the door.

ZKTeco BL10 – Economy sweep door lock

  • – Cool appearance, minimalist aesthetics – Hidden keyhole – Application has an extensive access history
  • – Suffers from connection problems – Open the door slowly after fingerprint recognition.

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7. Samsung SHS-H700 Digital door lock –Flexible door lock

Key features

  • Item Weight: 9.78 lbs
    Item Dimensions: 15.8 x 12.5 x 4.9 inches
    Manufacturer : SUMMARY

For those who want to enhance their security system with a flexible and easy-to-use door lock, the Samsung SHS-H700 digital door lock is a wise choice. The attractive design and ease of use of the device are highly appreciated by most users of Samsung’s digital door locking systems.

However, some users have had problems updating the system due to ambiguous instructions. In general, an automatic door locking system from Samsung is a reasonable option. Most Samsung wireless fingerprint door locks lock the user’s devices, giving the system a stylish look. This system also makes it possible to use up to 100 new fingerprints.

The ability to store up to 100 new fingerprints and the attractive design are the main advantages of this system. A negative aspect of the system is the disappointing direction.

Samsung SHS-H700 Digital door lock –Flexible door lock

  • – Attractive design – can store up to 100 fingerprints

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Door locks with finger scanners revolutionize security in an incredible way. In short, this is the future of the locking systems installed in our homes and offices. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a door lock to scan your fingers. They could have a huge impact on homeland security. To ensure that your choice is the best and most reliable, we have done an excellent job. It is a research-based guide that highlights all the important factors. Choose the most suitable system, taking all factors into account.

Frequently asked questions

Can I leave my fingerprints on the door lock?

Yeah, you can restart it. You can also add additional fingerprints to your existing storage space.

Can anyone abuse a fingerprint lock?

No, it’s very hard to fool the fingerprint intercept system. Only a professional can cheat on him in some cases.

Is it safe to use the fingerprint system?

It is one of the most modern and reliable locking systems available on the market. You can trust this system.

Why is it more secure than the password lock system?

Less chance to cheat the system. It is therefore more reliable.

Are there deficiencies in the fingerprint system?

It’s an expensive system. Not everyone can afford this system. In addition, physical changes can affect system performance.

What do you ask to lock the door?

Overuse will cause some fingerprint systems to jam.

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