How to Make a Google Doc Landscape

Today we created this new guide, and here we show you how to design the Google Doc landscape. In this article we will quickly look at the steps to follow and also get more information about Google Docs. So let’s start by reading the article.

There are two types of page orientation. One is portrait orientation, the other is landscape orientation. Moreover, you know that a document that is much wider than its width is called a portrait, and a document that is much wider than its width is called a landscape.

An easy way to create a Google Doc landscape [Mobile/PC]

Almost all word processing programs or online authoring programs open your document in book mode until you adjust its orientation to your settings. The reason for this is very simple, because every user wants to create his documents in portrait format instead of landscape format if he has to create any kind of document.

We have a few examples, such as office work, school projects, employment reports or making resumes, most people choose the portrait orientation. However, there are also options to use landscape mode if you need to change orientation. If you use MS Office on your PC, you will see that there is an option on the toolbar that allows you to change the page orientation directly.

But on other writing platforms or on Google Docs such a direct button does not exist. Here we show you every step of the creation of a Google document in the landscape. If you also want to know, follow the instructions below.

The paper size of a document is one of these parameters, which supports the following dimensions:

  • Letter (8,5 11 × 11 ″)
  • Chat (11 17 × 17 ″)
  • History (5.5 (× 8.5 inches))
  • Legal (8,5 (× 14))
  • Folio (8,5 13 × 13 inches)
  • Implementer (7,25 10,5 × 10,5 ″)
  • A3 (11.69 16 × 16.54 ″)
  • A4 (8.27 11 × 11.69 ″)
  • A5 (5.83 8.2 × 8.27 ″)
  • B4 (9.84 13. × 13.90 4)
  • B5 (6.93 9 × 9.84 ″)

You can also determine the size of the page field. In addition to the background color in inches, the background color can also be defined using a predefined color list or a custom hexadecimal color code.

How to create Google Doc in landscape format on PC?


Before you start, remember that you need a Google Account to use a Google Disc service, including Google Docs. After creating an account in Google Docs or signing into an existing Google account, you can start by following these steps:

  • You have to open Google Docks first,
  • Then click on an empty whiteboard to create a new Google Docs document,
  • You can also edit an existing document in Google Docs,
  • After opening the document, go to the File option and select the Layout option,
  • And click on the box in landscape format,
  • To set the default landscape orientation for each new document, select the Set as default option,
  • Finally, just press the OK button.

How to create Google Doc in the landscape on your phone


The process of redirecting the site to Google Docs Android and iOS applications is similar, so I’ll show you how to do it on Android and you can follow the same instructions on your iOS devices. It’s a staircase:

  • Open Google Docs on your phone and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Then open the document.
  • When the document is open, click the Edit button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on the menu in the upper right corner and select Layout from the available options.
  • You have to click on Orientation and then select Landscape.
  • Select the landscape orientation in the mobile application

The orientation of the document will change in a few seconds. However, in order to display them on your phone, you must activate the print layout. Click the menu button again and select Print layout if you want to change the markers in Google Docs.

Last words

You can now see that changing the layout in Google Docs is almost as easy as with other writing tools or software. So if you are opening a document file from another office suite in Google Docs, you should at least know that you are not comfortable with the interface the first time. In Google Docs, users can make corrections at any time using a different text editor without violating their basic formatting. If we answer your doubts or questions about creating a Google document in the landscape, please let us know in the Responses section below.

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