How To Use Lucky Patcher Without Root Your Phone

The Lucky Patcher application is now ready to use. You can hack, buy free parts, manage applications and much more.

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With the Lucky Patcher application we can also hack the tanning work to make carrots.

In the initial phase, Lucky Patcher will analyze the application that we will repair. He will then show you a number of possible options we can do.

Since the name Lucky means lucky, it appears that not all applications can be solved. With a little luck, a patch can be made.

Download the latest happy patches V8.7.4 Application

Download the latest happy patents V8.7.4 Application

Lucky Patcher’s got full exposure. So it will be confusing for people who are going to use it.

The Lucky Patcher application has a color code that has its meaning and displays it. Below you will find a list of colour values:

  • It’s green: This means you can save the application and disconnect it from Google Play.
  • Yellow: This means the device has multiple patches.
  • It’s blue: This means that the application contains Google ads.
  • Violet: This means that this request is a request to start up the system.
  • Orange: This means that the application is either a system application or a system application
  • It’s red: This means that the application cannot be changed.

Lucky Patcher is not malware, a virus or a malicious application, but Google can give you a warning. To hide this warning, deactivate the Play Store’s play protection function.

Many websites share fake charm applications. That’s why we will present the original Lucky-Patcher application in this podcast.

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Because we receive this request through the official Lucky-Patcher website, and you always get the original version from here.

Application information

Latest version 8.7.4
Prices Free of charge.
Size 8.23 MB
Developer Chelpus
Official website
Categorize Tools
Download only 1 billion +
Evaluation 4.8/5
Android version Android 4.0
Update April 2020

To download a happy patch, press the download button on this page. You will find this application in the latest and some older versions of the application.

Clicking the download button will automatically start the download.

Download the new happy patch V8.6.3 Apk

Via the official website.

Via Mediafire.

The files are compressed in ZIP format. Therefore, you need to unpack the ZIP file after downloading.

After unpacking the ZIP file you will find the Lucky Patcher Apk file. To install the application, open the MOTCH file. For more information about the use of the Lucky Patcher application, see below.

How to use Happy Patch with carrot?

Below are a few steps to use the right lucky stain.

  1. First download the Lucky Patcher application by following the link provided.
  2. Install Happy Patcher on the android you are using.
  3. Open the application for the lucky spot
  4. Once opened, you will see a list of installed applications available on your mobile phone.
  5. Select the application you want to repair.
  6. Then an application, such as Google Ads Found or In-app Purchase Found, is analyzed.
  7. Then select Open Patch Menu.

Open the patch menu

  1. After that, a number of fixes will appear in this application, such as Delete Google Ads, Remove License Verification, Edit Application Components, Patch to support in-app and LVL emulation, Create Modified MOT files, and Manual Patch.
  2. Just choose a patch that suits your needs.
  3. If so, click Apply.
  4. All you have to do is wait until the process is complete.
  5. You can now see the changes in the application.

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