The Fitbit Charge vs Nike Fuelband SE

Last updated on the 22nd. August 2020

Wear-resistant technology is no longer a pariah. At one point, when they were first introduced to the market, handheld devices are not new, because they will gradually find their way into our lives, just as smartphones have become ubiquitous.

At the forefront of this growing movement are the fitness trainers who point the way to more things we wear on our bodies and who are now smarter. They will also be more innovative, with more features than ever before, with new ways to interact with our phones and with batteries that can withstand prolonged use.

Motivational data.

What makes these devices convincing is their ability to give us biometric feedback on our training and fitness goals. For example, the better informed we are about the sedentary nature of our lives due to the stress of everyday work and our preoccupation with our type of technology, the more likely we are to look for a more active lifestyle and change our habits.

Because you wear these trackers, you get customizable data about how many calories you burned that day or how many hours of sleep you had on average.

If, in an ideal world, the data shows that you have not achieved your goals (which a monitoring program usually shows you in an understandable and colorful way), then you have the motivation in an ideal world to get back on track.

Two main competitors

Nike has long been a force in sportswear, but it came relatively late into the world of fitness trackers, seemingly growing at every celebration for one or two more machines.

Fitbit, on the other hand, was one of the first protagonists in the awareness and popularity of the effectiveness of these machines to automatically adjust your workout to the calories burned.

Which company launched the excellent global product a few years later with the launch of Charge and FuelBand SE?

Invoicing of the runway

Fitbit has reason (and public confidence) to catch up after a fake Fitbit Force reminded users to complain that the bracelet caused a rash on their hand.

Unfortunately, a small minority of users have noticed the same problem with this iteration of the fitness tracker, the red flag for those of you with sensitive skin. However, it is the cheapest of the two, and it offers a nice, minimalist package that still offers many of the features that fans of fitness companies have come to expect.

Minimalistic design equals functionality of

Pricing is more an evolution of the fitness monitoring model than a new paradigm of what these machines represent. While a smart watch extends the possibilities of devices that can be worn around the wrist – including sleep and gait exercises – you may not want to wear it for all physically demanding exercises.

A niche in which trackers, such as the charger, are light and thanks to the integrated pedometer perform some basic functions, but also trackers for measuring distance, calories and sleep. And not only that, but also the fact that FuelBand SE, just like FuelBand SE, is waterproof and therefore unprotected against perspiration.

Extended bracelet

Despite the complaints of a few, the group is for the most part comfortable and a clear improvement compared to Fitbit Force.

The buckle works by inserting a pair of grey pins into the holes so that the bracelet attaches securely to the wrist without choking the circulatory system – a problem found with other similar devices. This makes it possible to repair them without unintentionally loosening them.

Unemployment benefit

OLED display in a compact form with a factor of 0.75 inches at 0.375. Minimalism is ideal for the camera: A simple double-click is all it takes to go from date to time, or a quickly customizable configuration interface. The side button gives access to statistics on daily steps, distance, number of floors and calorie consumption.

Monitoring progress

Thanks to the included Bluetooth USB dongle, it is compatible with virtually all smartphones, including Microsoft, and Mac or Windows operating systems. Synchronizing the data when it suits you to see trends in your exercise should not be a problem. In fact, it’s a fascinating experience thanks to the attractive and easily digestible graphs and figures that show your progress.

Nike+ FuelBand SE

The more expensive of the two, FuelBand SE, is an extension of FuelBand with improved and more energy efficient Bluetooth connectivity and updated software that will find more ways to motivate your fitness progress than your friends.

What is fuel and what is not?

One of the features of this bracelet is the system for tracking your progress as a locksmith with a patented unit, the fuel.

This concept is a fusion of calories burned and milestones achieved. Once you have a few weeks to get used to the idea and translate how much work you feel you’ve done in relation to your fuel consumption, the way you measure your progress will seem natural with Nike.

Style and comfort

Input data is also available if you wish, but FuelBand SE is not the most comprehensive data collection tool as it does not include information on total distance travelled and climbing stairs. Nike’s answer to the Fitbit Charge question focuses more on style and comfort. The Nike wristband has more colors to choose from, and the sleek, sporty look is getting sportier.

It is also a more practical wrist device, with a round design that serves as both a lock and a USB key. With three different sizes, most people should be able to easily find the right size, and it comes and goes reliably and smoothly.

Friendly match

As with recharging, a button toggles through the menus to see the progress of the fuels earned in a day, won the clock (part of the social networking site to enter the competition with friends), while calorie burning and the steps taken are adjusted to add more.

The way the software is configured to motivate you against your previous activities on the last day, or against people of your age and gender, or even against your friends, is indeed an effective way to get the user to take action. Luckily for those who use FuelBand SE, this social media tracking system is also available for those who do not have Nike fitness trackers.


Compatibility with phones and computers shouldn’t be a problem – unless you have a Windows phone. The pedometer as a whole is slightly more accurate than his Fitbit brothers, but the two are consistent, which is only a small point.

Comparison table of characteristics – at a glance

  Fitbit bridge Nike+ FuelBand SE
MSRP $129.95 $149.99
Lowest price online (Amazon) $129.95 $199.99
Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phones/OS, Mac OS iOS, Android, Windows OS, Mac OS.
show OLED Matrix LCD display
Options for colours Black, slate, blue, burgundy. Bars, black, pink, crimson, gold.
Sensor accuracy Slightly overestimated results Exactly
Battery 7-8 days 5 to 7 days
Login Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Software Fitbit App, a clean and intuitive user interface NikeFuel, socially oriented for maximum fitness motivation.
Follow-up of the measures The steps, the distance, the stairs, the sleep, the calories. Footsteps, calories.
What’s more. Caller ID, Silent alarm wakes only one person An external light sensor controls the brightness of the display and thus saves on battery power.

Final judgement – what is important to you?

Although both devices are suitable, there is an interesting difference between their respective PSPs; although retailers only offer a difference of around $20, they can be found online for a difference of around $100.

  • If everything is basically the same and you just want to get the most out of your hard-earned money, then Fitbit’s most established tracker is just what you need. This also applies to cases where you value pure data retention competence, as Charge can provide you with biometric feedback from the raver.
  • However, if you want a more attractive design, with a more comfortable fit that also emphasises social elements to make it easier for you to get off the couch, you need to give Nike a good look. What is lacking is style and comfort.

In any case, these two devices will help to motivate even the allergic people among us to live an active life.

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