What is YourPhone.exe? and How to Stop YourPhone.exe on Windows 10?

If you want to know what YourPhone.exe is and if you also want to know how to stop YourPhone.exe in Windows 10, you’ve come to the right place, read more about how to stop YourPhone.exe.

Your Pope.exe runs in the background and also uses your GPU. If you fry websites, it leads to useless information. It is not a virus, it is downloaded in the background when we download the official Microsoft application from the Microsoft Store. This application is designed to easily connect smartphones to your computer and we keep your data safe.

YourPhone.exe Background process with the GPU

We can connect your computer to your Android phone, iPhone and iOS with Windows 10 via your phone application. However, the procedure varies depending on the type of smartphone you are using. The following instructions have helped you understand the relationship between different types of smartphones.

  • Unlock different types of Cross devices such as Android or iPhone by connecting a PC to your phone.
  • If you use Android, we will see the pictures of your phone on your computer.
  • Then view the images and details on your computer and send a few text messages to your computer.
  • Answer incoming phone calls from your computer.
  • We can still play games and control the music.
  • On Android phones, we had another option: screen monitoring. The above options are only offered by this application.

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What does YourPhone.exe mean in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, YourPhone.exe is the main process of your phone application. If you want to know where the file is located, type the following commands

C: Programme


This software code makes it easy to find the location of YourPhone.exe. And the file size of this request is only 19 KB. Instead, it had several DLL files for the function configuration. The most important unknown is that YourPhone.exe never showed the Task Manager option. Your Person.exe always runs in the background during Windows sessions. This will work all the time until we close the application.

Installing the application for your phone

Your phone application is a pre-installed application in Windows 10. Otherwise it will not be available on your computer. Then we download and install the application from the Microsoft Store. Thanks to the following steps we can easily install this application.

  • First open a Microsoft store on your system.
  • Search for YourPhone.exe using a keyword like your phone.
  • When you have found the application, install it.
  • After downloading and installing the application, your phone will still be available in the Start menu. You can also start it by clicking on the open option.
  • Disconnect your phone application and stop starting the process in the background.

Using the universal Windows application makes it easier for you. We can simply deactivate the application in the settings menu. We can easily deactivate the request if you do not wish to do so. The biggest problem with this application is that it has a considerable amount of memory for your system and always runs in the background. If you never need this application, simply turn it off. There are many methods to disable this youphone.exe.

Removing Windows Power Shell

  • Right-click on the Start menu and select Windows PowerShell(Admin).
  • This opens the Powershell evaluation mode. Then copy and paste the following command

Get AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone user | Uninstall AppxPackage.

  • After entering this command, press the Enter key. Then the team will be executed. Once the YourPhone.exe process is completed, it will be removed from the system. We never see the question in your system. If you need this application, simply go to the Microsoft Store and download and install it.

Turn off the application with the privacy settings.

  • First click on the Start button and then go to the Settings option.
  • After viewing the settings, go to the Privacy option.
  • If we go to the privacy settings window, we see a scroll down in the left pane. On the left hand side we see the background applications, which are located under the application authorisations.
  • As soon as we get to the background applications, we select the applications that run in the background. Scroll down to see which applications are running in the background. Select the location of the phone. Then turn your phone off.
  • So far, we’ve never seen YourPhone.exe up and running. If we want it turned on and restarted.

Any option to uninstall the phone application

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The corresponding YourPhone.exe files were on your phone. And your phone is not a malicious function, a virus or an explosive program. It also contains a small amount of system resources. There are many ways to improve the performance of Windows 10. It also has other advantages, such as the fact that we will share information with others. And it has many advantages. We also exchange information via computers with telephones. When you delete an application, personal data or other information may be lost.

Uninstalling the phone application

The built-in universal Windows application is an application for your phone. That’s why we never delete the application. You can never remove them. We had the possibility to add or remove this program. The application settings have a delete button and can be clicked.

  • Remove this application from your computer instead.
  • Run Powershell with the administrator.
  • Type the command for Microsoft Get-AppxPackage. Uninstall your phone – all users | AppxPackage

After executing this command, the progress of the installation process is displayed within minutes and disappears. In this case, your phone will be deleted. Select your phone from the search bar in the window. It shows you the right application. Otherwise, a search in the Microsoft store. It cannot return the phone application in the search results. You can also search the phone section of the Microsoft Store. Here you can clearly see if this application is installed or not. When the installation option is displayed, install and follow the instructions above. We can then easily remove this option.

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