Zoom Security Issue in 2020: Is it safe to use Zoom?

The online videoconferencing software industry experienced explosive growth when everyone started working from home. It was not expected that everyone would suddenly be at home, and such a tool would be the only primary means of communication on the network. Videoconferencing software, such as Zoom, has made it possible for almost everyone to connect at company or individual level. As it spreads, this software is based on a critical security issue. Increasing security has become a major challenge for the company in 2020 as personal and professional data are threatened.

The third class action was set against @zoom_us for…

1) Facebook sharing problem identified by @josephfcox @motherboard
2) Access encryption problem identified by @yaelwrites @micahflee @theintercept
3) Presumed webcam vulnerability

– Jonathan Dam ️️ (@DameReports) 6. April 2020.

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Because of these problems, Zoom has been banned by various authorities around the world.

During a zoom-in rally on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, organized by the Israeli Embassy in Berlin and attended by survivor Zvi Hershel, anti-Israeli activists disrupted his conversation by posting photos of Hitler and shouting anti-Semitic slogans. The event should be suspended. 1/

– Jeremy Issacharoff (@JIssacharoff) 21. April 2020.

In response to these challenges, the CEO of Zoom has taken several steps to improve the security and privacy of users using the Zoom application.

Steps have been taken to identify and protect the user of the zoom lens by 2020

  • The CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, has taken steps to freeze all Zoom updates for 90 days to identify problems.
  • The Report User button is included in the application to report an unknown user who has caused inconvenience during the meeting.
  • Complex password rules have been installed for video recordings in the cloud.
  • With the release of Zoom 5.0, the application supports the industry standard AES-256 encryption. In addition, Zoom offers encryption of paid invoices from start to finish.

Is it safe to use the Zoom?

Although Zoom has taken several steps to improve security, many users are trying to use alternative applications for Zoom. Until the end, the encryption is only provided on a paying account. While users are looking for free tools to be online with their friends. Your privacy can be protected if you use the Zoom application with some of the precautions offered by Zoom. Changing various settings can help protect your privacy online.

7 Easy steps to change the zoom setting to protect your online privacy

  1. Thecall is not recorded.

According to Zoom’s privacy policy, it does not record calls, but the host does. If you don’t want your master to record the conversation, ask him not to record it. Your recorded call can be passed on to anyone if it is stored in an unsafe location.

  1. Rename the recorded call

If you want to record a call for educational or other purposes, rename the recorded file. The use of the standard naming convention may be suspicious when a record is stored on an online file-sharing service.

  1. Do not share personal meetings DI.

Generate a random meeting ID to use for the meeting. The generated random meeting ID will only be active for one meeting. You can see how to generate any meeting ID on the Zoom support page.

  1. Exclusion session after startup

Just like a locked room, you have to lock your chat room. This prevents a foreign national from joining the meeting.

You can block a meeting by following these steps

Go to the list of participants in the navigation area. Scroll down for more options. That’s where you’ll find the lockdown session. Select the Lock Meeting option to prevent a stranger from attending the meeting.

  1. Activate standby mode

It is another useful option to prevent strangers from joining us. Once the waiting room feature is enabled, anyone wishing to participate in a meeting must obtain permission from the host.

Click the button to activate the waiting room function.

Entrance for an account or a group.

Go to Account management > Account settings. The Meeting option is displayed in the Account Settings window. Tap Meeting > Lounge. You can also see how to activate the standby function in Zoom mode on the Zoom support page.

  1. Two hosts in session

One more step to ensure your safety at the beginning of the session. You have to make two people a master. This is useful if the malicious code was able to bypass the host’s rights and enter the conference room. Other hosts can delete this account and create reports using the User Report button and record the meeting.

Creating a hem

  1. Disable joint-option for receiving

This option is disabled by default, but you should check it again before the meeting starts. This option can be activated by clicking on the pinion icon, i.e. the setting in the upper right corner. Various other options are offered to you, such as file sharing, chatting with automatic backup, sharing screens, and so on. Make sure all functions are disabled if you really don’t want to use them for a meeting.

The zoom, which is used for video telephony and online chat, is a very useful application in many areas such as teleconferencing, teleworking, distance learning and social relations. But you must never compromise in your personal life. If you follow a few steps, you can also stay protected online. Just get used to checking the 7 steps above to ensure your privacy online.

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