Best Tips to Fix “Outlook Is Using An Old Copy Of Your Outlook Data file”

Outlook uses an old copy of your Outlook data file.

When users open an OST Outlook file, an Outlook error message appears several times, using an old copy of the Outlook data file. This means that your OST Outlook files are corrupted due to poor synchronization. This situation is very stressful or disappointing if you are unable to access Outlook mailbox items. But don’t worry, there are methods that can easily solve this problem.  In this article we will inform you about the best and simplest solution to correct this error. Before moving on to methods, we need to discuss the factors responsible for this error.

Factors responsible for OST errors OST error perspective uses an old copy of OST

  • These errors are due to hardware or software problems.
  • The main reason for this error is a problem with the Outlook e-mail application or the Windows operating system.
  •  Another cause of the error is a damaged or corrupted OST file.
  • An explosion of the system, a malicious attack also leads to failure.
  • Sometimes a hardware or human error also leads to an error in the OST file.

Here we investigated the main factors responsible for the error in the OST file. Now let’s talk about solutions to correct this mistake.

Best troubleshooting strategies in DIY Outlook uses an old copy of an Outlook data file Error

The first and best approach to correct the bug is to delete the old OST file. However, before deleting it, make sure to back up the OST file as a PST file. As backup files, you can prevent data loss and restore your data in Outlook if necessary.

Decision 1: Deletion of the OST file to solve the problem with the OST error message

Before deleting the OST, delete the file. Then follow the steps below:

  1. First do a search on your computer or file browser.
  2. Go to C:UserApplicationDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook.
  3. Delete or delete files with the .ost extension.
  4. Do not delete files with the .pst extension.

Decision 2: Repair of the OSTfile

If the error persists, your OST file may be damaged. In this case, you need to restore the OST file using the built-in Microsoft utility called scanpst.exe. The tool is available on the official Microsoft website, as well as the procedure manual.

Here we have discussed the simplest and easiest manual solution for an Outlook error – using an old copy of your East. However, these methods do not guarantee a complete error correction. Especially if you are new or new in the field, you may face a variety of challenges, such as data loss. But don’t panic, you can use alternative methods. Let’s discuss alternative methods in the next blog segment.

Alternative approach to troubleshooting OST

Another approach is to use automated or commercial tools that provide a simple and transparent solution to your problems. One of these tools is the OST Recovery Tool, which restores or repairs damaged OST files. It also allows you to securely delete emails and their attachments. The tool has built-in functions in the scan mode to scan emails from the OST file. The software keeps your data and file structure intact throughout the entire recovery process.


In this tutorial we have discussed the different solutions for the Outlook error of using an old copy of an Outlook data file. We hope this entry will help you to easily correct the error of Outlook OST.

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