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Google continues to prove that it is the leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The algorithm and software make the Google Camera application a must-have camera application pre-installed on pixel phones.

The Google Camera application takes better and better pictures and offers more possibilities than the standard Camera application without pixels,

You may be wondering why the Google Camera application is so great?

Everyone is talking about the Google Camera application because it allows you to take great pictures of mobile phones with old equipment. This is possible because Google can do most of the work with the software that does the hardware on other phones.

the best features of Google Camera

  • Thanks to Google’s HDR+ application, you can get a highly dynamic HDR image when using a phone, and image processing by the Google camera makes your photos better quality and more realistic.
    Some HDR + examples of photos taken with Stock Camera and Google Camera App


  • Thanks to the night vision function of the Google camera, you can take photos in low light with the right lighting. Images taken with the night vision function are exposed in such a way that it sometimes seems as if the images were taken with the correct exposure.
    Google Night Sight Sights are taken with pixels 3, 4 (Google Photos Album).

Google Night Vision

  • Panorama – The best panoramic images and consistent quality
  • Photo Sphere – you won’t find this option in any other camera application and Google’s camera makes an excellent Photo Sphere, you can also say it’s a 360° photo.
  • Slow motion – Make better use of high frame rate phones and make great slow-motion videos.
  • Time Shift – Take great photos with a 4K time shift if your phone allows it.
  • Portrait mode – The portrait mode is one of the main features that stand out when used with a phone that does not have a dedicated depth measurement camera. Google’s camera uses its algorithm to blur the background and make your portraits look like drugs.
  • Snapshot Preview – Snapshot previews are the seconds that you record video clips when you take a picture. These previews make your photos more personal because you can see a few seconds of that moment when you click and hold a photo in Google Photos or another supported application, Gallery.

Download the latest Google APKCamera

Do not download the Google Camera application (.apk) from unknown websites, but only from trusted sites such as XDA Developers and

There are over 50 modders and developers working on Google camera models, each mod has limited time and resources (mobile phones for testing), so do not get upset if the Google Camera MOTK does not work with your phone, try another.

Here you can see how to download the latest apk Google Camera

  1. Download APK stable versions on (Last version currently 7.3)
    current I personally use version 7.3 v2.2 of Urnyx.
  2. If you are not sure which version to download, you can find a stable version of the Google Camera for your phone and model number on the Links/Groups page.

Select version for your phone

  1. Install the application on your phone after downloading.
  2. Now you need to test all the functions of the camera application to see if something is not working or not working properly. When you are satisfied, you can start configuring and testing all the features added by the application moderator on the Settings tab.
  3. Some applications support importing configuration files. If you want, you can download configuration files with recommended settings from the same page where you downloaded the GPS.

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Google AI Blog – Night vision on pixel phones

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