How to fix Apple TV buffering issues

Apple TV is a new-age television, produced by a technical giant, Apple. It lets you watch movies, play games, use different applications, and even connect to other Apple devices, all in one place. Although it has a light interface, problems can arise as the technology improves day by day. One of the problems users experience is buffering when watching a movie or show. Continuous breaks can disrupt and ruin your drinking program. So here’s how you can solve this problem yourself with these solutions.

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Checking Internet speed

Make sure you can play the video without affecting the data rate. You can consult it on the various sites available on the Internet. HD video can be streamed raw at speeds of 15 megabytes per second or more.

Check the connected network.

Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is solid and that the router is near the TV. Also make sure that no equipment near the TV interrupts the signal. You can also try to disconnect and reconnect. To do so, go to Settings and click on General. Select Network and then select Wi-Fi. Select the network you are connected to and click Forgot. Then update the network and reconnect it.

Multiple available Wi-Fi

If you have more than one modem at home, make sure you connect the TV to the nearest one to get a strong signal. When the router reboots, the TV connects to another station and works with weak signals. To avoid buffering, make sure the TV is connected to the nearest router after rebooting.

Switching on and off

It’s a simple process, but sometimes a simple restart can help your TV work.

Switching to cable connection

This can be a great solution if you have multiple devices connected to the same wireless network. Apple TV connects directly to a modem because it has an Ethernet port.

Switching permitted

In case of connection problems, it is possible to switch to standard quality. If you’re watching other applications, like Netflix, Hulu; you can change the stream quality in the right settings, but to set the quality for Apple TV, you need to do it in iTunes.

Software updates

Buffering can sometimes occur because applications are not compatible with the software. To get your fourth generation television. Generation, go to Settings and click on System. Now select Software Update and update the software. For televisions under 4 years old. Generation, click on General in the settings and update the software.

Resetting the television

Setting the TV to the basic settings may help to solve this problem. To reset your TV, go to the Settings section and press the Reset button in the General Settings section. Select Reset all settings and your device will automatically restart.

Restore your TV

This means that you need to go back to the factory settings and delete all your preset parameters and data. To do this, open the settings and click the Reset button in the General section. Select Restore from the menu and wait a few minutes before the TV starts.

A few different characters

Try replacing all cables connected to the TV. Make sure you have enough memory on your TV. The Apple TV must be at the correct temperature, as heating the device may cause problems. To do this, stick the fan on the side of the TV to dissipate the heat. The Internet must be at least 10 megabytes per second. Also make sure that the speed of the Apple server is sufficient.

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