Vivo V20 set to launch in Pakistan

Vivo announced today that its new flagship, the Vivo V20, will be launched on Tuesday 13 September. October 2020, will be imported into Pakistan.

While the pandemic situation in the country continues, Vivo and its brand ambassadors, the charismatic duo Fahad Mustafa and Haniye Aamir, will digitally introduce the Vivo V20 in Pakistan.

The broadcast will take place through Vivo’s official social networks, where Vivo fans can also communicate and participate in various events to receive exciting gifts.

Here are some of the key points for the upcoming Vivo V20 smartphone in Pakistan

44MP Eye Autofocus – the brightness and sharpness you want:

With the new V20 series, Vivo has once again revolutionized smartphone standards by integrating a professional camera with eye auto focus and a 44-megapixel AF camera for a highly sensitive, self-service experience.

Eyes are a window to the soul. Now autofocus can follow your eyes wherever they go and whatever emotions they convey. It can even follow you when you’re on the move; you can easily move from near and far, so you don’t have to look inside the camera to capture the best moments. Enjoy every minute while the camera does the rest.

7.38 mm Slim design with AG glass :

Wonderfully light and surprisingly slim – this new exhibition embodies design at its best. The 2.5D body, the ultra giant 7.38 mm design and the weight of 171 g turn into an unforgettable light tour. AG Matt Glass adds subtle luxury to the aesthetic appearance and also ensures a comfortable fit. Chemical etching further improves the surface by giving it heat and making it scratch resistant. Finally, the AF coating protects the phone from fingerprints.

64-megapixel reversing camera – super night mode :

The main rear view camera – with its impressive 64 megapixel set-up – shows striking details that remain sharp even after a powerful zoom. Rear-view camera support enables wide-angle, super-macro, bokey- and black-and-white movie effects.

Reinventing the deadbolt. Super mode adds a wider perspective, while specialized filters create hidden shadows of darkness. The tripod’s new night mode increases stability and exposure to make the night look perfect.

33W FlashCharge :

33W FlashCharge can charge your battery up to 65% in just 30 minutes before the end of your tea break. You can always count on a high-capacity 4000 mAh battery to handle all the big things, whether it’s taking pictures, playing theatre, listening to music or playing games.

With the changing landscape of mobile photography, creating content and a way to capture moments, the Vivo V20 offers advanced camera technology with the best powerful and intelligent autofocus in the industry.

Vivo V20 is aimed at ambitious young people who want to immerse themselves in photography on a daily basis and see the telephone as an expression of their style and personality.


The price of the phone has not yet been announced, but it is estimated that the Vivo V20 could cost around NOK 60,000 in Pakistan.

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