How To Retrieve Deleted Contacts From SIM Card on Android

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Effectively restore lost or deleted contacts from your SIM card or Android phone memory!

Take a look: Did you accidentally delete your contacts list from your Android SIM card? Looking for an easy solution to remotely retrieve contacts or phone numbers from your Android phone or SIM card? Relax! Relax! In this article you will find several effective solutions to help you keep contacts away from your SIM card to Android and remove contacts from the internal memory of your Android phone. Expert advice : One of the best ways to remotely restore contacts with your Android SIM card is Android data recovery, which is ideal for Android SIM card contact recovery software.

This SIM card allows you to restore contacts for Android:

  • Easy retrieval of deleted, lost or missing contacts from the SIM card used in Android phones and tablets.
  • Direct restoration of remote contacts from a SIM card without a SIM card reader.
  • Efficient retrieval of text messages from your SIM card to Android.
  • You can also retrieve call history, call recording, voice recording, photos, video, audio, WhatsApp chat history, notes, documents, etc. from your Android devices.
  • Supports all Android phones and tablets such as Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Nexus, Huawei, LG, Panasonic, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Moto, Lenovo, etc.

Below, download free SIM card contact the restoration software for Android

A SIM card is a small microelectronic circuit used in a mobile phone for a variety of tasks, such as making phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, storing contacts, Internet services and much more.

Did you know that a SIM card has a total storage capacity of 32 KB to 128 KB, which is enough to store more than 760 phone contacts on a SIM card? That’s a lot of space to store contacts on your SIM card.

When we add new contacts, we usually consider storing the contacts on the SIM card. The advantage of saving contacts to a SIM card is that it is a stand-alone device that can work with different mobile phones, which means you can easily transfer contacts from one SIM card to another.

However, in some situations you may lose important contacts with your Android SIM card. Worse, lost or deleted contacts are very important to you, which means you need to restore them immediately.

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Take a look at the real user example mentioned below!

Actual example: Lost SIM card user contacts

how to remotely restore contacts from a SIM card


I gave the SIM card to the shop owner to copy.

so they won’t be happy for me. But he was

the contacts with the Bluetooth arrow neglected and moved, but not copied.

In this way the contacts are removed.

if you can retrieve these contacts from the SIM card by

some recovery software, like we do on your computer’s hard drive or on the suspended drive.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

The source: Forums on mobile phones

Other reasons that may lead to the loss or removal of contacts from the SIM card on Android are listed below.

Reasons to lose or remove contacts from Android SIM card

There may be several reasons to lose or remove contacts from the SIM card. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Coincidental kidnapping: This is a human error and one of the main reasons to remove the contacts from the SIM card on Android. You can accidentally delete phone numbers.
  • The SIM card is locked: Sometimes the SIM card may be locked due to certain problems, for example B. Your SIM card may ask for a PUK number (key to unlock the SIM card) and if you do not have a PUK number, you will not be able to access the contacts stored on the SIM card.
  • It was not possible to register a SIM card: Sometimes SIM card registration fails for several reasons. Even in this case, your contacts stored on the SIM card will also be lost.

In all of the above scenarios, you may lose important contacts stored on your Android SIM card.

So now the question arises: is it possible to return to Android contacts that have been lost or removed from a SIM card?

Well, find the answer yourself below!

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Can I recover lost or deleted contacts from my Android SIM card?

Restore deleted or lost contacts from your SIM card to Android – possible.

When the contacts are removed from the SIM card, they actually remain on the SIM card and do not disappear TO the SIM card. It simply marks this space as empty, so you can add new contacts to this empty space.

It is therefore advisable not to add new contacts on the SIM card, otherwise the existing contact will be overwritten and you may permanently lose the contacts on the SIM card.

So, if you really want to restore contacts deleted from your Android SIM card, as soon as you remove them, you should stop using them and immediately use the appropriate SIM card recovery software.

Now let’s see how you can effectively recover lost or deleted contacts from your Android SIM card.

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channel no. 1: Restoring contacts on the SIM card to restore the external contacts of the Android SIM card [recommended]

One of the ideal and effective ways to remotely recover contacts from SIM card to Android is to use the Android Data Recovery software, which allows you to recover contacts from SIM cards to Android phones.  You can use it to restore contacts and text messages deleted from the memory of your SIM card and to restore phone numbers from locked, unregistered and unavailable Android SIM cards.

This SIM card contact recovery software also retrieves external contacts and text messages from the phone memory. It also retrieves photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, notes, call history and more from your Android phone’s internal memory and external SD card.

Download the free SIM card contact recovery software and follow the step-by-step instructions to restore deleted or lost contacts from your SIM card on Android.

You can also:

Steps to restore contacts on the external SIM card on Android

Here is a guide on how to restore external contacts from SIM card to Android using the Android data recovery tool

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channel #2: Restoring external SIM card contacts from Gmail backup

Once you’ve synced all your Android contacts, including your SIM card, to your Gmail/Google account, you can easily restore deleted contacts from your Gmail backup.

Pay attention: This solution will also help users to restore contacts from a lost SIM card.

Follow the steps below to restore your SIM card contacts from your Gmail backup.

  • Go to (you can open it in your computer’s browser) and sign in with the same Gmail ID you used to synchronize your contacts.
  • Click on the Gmail icon and then select Contacts from the drop-down list.
  • If you have lost all your contacts, click the Advanced button and select Export from the Contacts page.
  • You will then receive a question about the format in which you want to export your contacts. Just select the CSV format and download the file.

Export your contacts from your Google Account

  • Now move the downloaded CSV file to a working Android phone, launch the Contacts application to import contacts to your phone.

channel #3: Restoring contacts from a locked SIM card

If your SIM card is blocked and you ask for a PUK number that you don’t have, don’t worry.

In this case, call your SIM card network administrator and ask for your PUK number. They will be asked for certain personal information about you and after verification they will give you a PUK number. You can then enter this PUK number into your phone, unlock your SIM card and finally access the list of contacts stored on your phone’s SIM card.

These are effective solutions that can help you restore remote contacts on a SIM card and contacts on a lost SIM card on Android.

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Bonus: Back up your contacts on the Android SIM card to prevent losing contacts

It is important to keep a backup of all your contacts on your Android SIM card, because if you accidentally remove or lose your SIM card in the future, or if your phone is stolen or lost, a backup of your contacts will help you remove all your contacts from your SIM card.

You can do this in different ways, for example by saving your contacts to the Android SIM card:

  • Back up your contacts to the Android SIM card or phone memory on your computer with the Android data backup and restore tool.
  • Synchronize and secure your contacts with your Gmail account.
  • Export contacts from the SIM card/phone memory to an external SD card in CSV format (by backing up the SD card, you can remotely restore contacts from the SIM card without the need for a computer).


After reading the message, I hope you have some options that will help you recover deleted or lost contacts from your Android SIM card. However, the best solution is to use Android Data Recovery, an ideal SIM card contact recovery software to remotely recover contacts from SIM cards used in Android devices.

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