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PUBG banned in Pakistan

Fawad Chowdry believes it makes sense to end the ban on online gambling.

The PTA – the highest telecommunications and internet regulator in Pakistan – has decided to lift the ban on PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground – after a positive discussion with Proxima Beta – data controller for Tencent Group’s gambling services.

The authorities announced in a press release that they had met with the legal representatives of the company behind the online game. The Parents’ Committee stated that its representatives had expressed the concerns expressed by the authorities regarding the prevention of abuse of the gaming platform.

The PTA seems to be satisfied with the measures taken so far by Proxima Beta, with the emphasis on continuous commitment and a comprehensive control mechanism.

Press Release : A meeting was held between the PTA and the legal representatives of Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (OJ).
The representatives of Proxima Beta (UB) have informed the Authority of the answers to the questions raised by UB concerning the control measures taken by UB to prevent illegal use of the game platform.

– PTA (@PTAofficialpk) 30. July 2020

The press release also states that the company’s representatives welcome RTS’s feedback on this issue and ensure that the company’s concerns will be taken into account. The company also urged the authorities to lift the ban on PUBG in the country.

At the end of the press release, the PTA acknowledged the positive reaction of the company and announced the lifting of the ban on gambling.

Given the company’s positive attitude and reaction, RTA decided to dissolve PUBG Bank, he added.

Fawad Chaudhry, Minister of Science and Technology, tweeted that it would be wise to end the ban.

Ending the ban on #pubgbaninpakistan is a reasonable approach, a ban is a measure of last resort, which should be very cautious in the future, @MinistryofST it is very clear that Pakistan should work closely with technical companies to solve problems, and in such cases should not resort to administrative measures such as a ban

– Ч. Fawadchaudhry 30. July 2020.

The first one. In July 2020, the RTA banned the most popular online game, PUBG, and shocked the Pakistani community. In the complaints received, the reason given is that it is a waste of time that is addictive. The authorities also added that gambling can have a negative effect on children, noting also two cases of suicide.

After several hearings, the Supreme Court in Islamabad ordered the Parents’ Committee to lift the ban immediately. However, the authorities subsequently refused to reconsider their decision and announced that the ban on gambling would remain in force. The authorities said it was necessary to block PUBG gambling in the country to ensure public order.

In the end, the months of saga ends with the excitement of the gambling community and the frustration of some families and parents. What do you think of this story? What do you think about a ban and lifting the gambling ban? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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