The Audio Service is Not Running in Windows 10 [Fixed]

If you use Windows 10 for a long time and a day, the audio service for text will not work and the sound will not work. An error message is given by a Windows diagnostics specialist and is usually triggered when you expect problems with your camera’s sound system. This error text means that your audio device is not sensitive, so it does not respond to Windows.

Many Windows users experience this particular problem when the sound icon in the taskbar that appears when you press the volume control that you use to adjust the volume gets a small cross in the lower right corner. If window users have problems with the sound in the taskbar, they usually see the text on the screen – the audio service is not working.

The audio service does not work

This problem typically occurs with Windows 7, the most successful successor to the Windows operating system. But also other versions of the Windows operating system occasionally encounter similar problems. Although a cross (X) appears in the taskbar and the audio service on your computer indicates that the audio service is not running, almost all Windows users affected by this problem can successfully play the audio on their PC.

How can I fix the audio service that doesn’t work on Windows 10?

This is a common error that usually occurs when upgrading Windows. There are several workarounds we can use to ensure that the audio services work as intended and that the drivers are updated to the latest version. In almost all cases, the cause of this problem is the Windows audio service or one of its dependencies (to continue previous services). The services are inadvertently shut down for whatever reason, or can essentially not be restarted when you start your computer and the SMS audio service does not work.

Most users restart the computer to avoid this annoying error message. However, this is not always the most practical way to tackle such a problem. Don’t worry if you have a problem with the Windows audio service. Yet there are more permanent ways to solve the annoying problem The audio service does not work. Here are some possible ways to eliminate this problem:

Decision 1: Just turn the computer volume up or down.

Enthusiastic Windows users who experienced an error in The Sound Service is Not Running could solve the problem by simply adjusting the volume on their computer, whether to increase or decrease it. Many users eliminate this problem by adjusting the volume of their computer, even a discrete projection. To solve this problem, please follow these steps:

Step one: First click on the sound icon in the taskbar. A volume control will then appear on the screen, allowing you to adjust the computer’s volume by increasing or decreasing it.

Step two: Then increase or decrease the computer’s volume slightly using the volume control that will appear later on the screen.

Step three: If you follow the above steps, the cross on the sound icon in the taskbar should disappear from the screen immediately. Therefore, your Windows should be running and you should not see the text error The audio service will no longer appear on your computer when you point the mouse pointer at it.

Is your problem solved? If not, try another method.

Decision 2: Reboot the Windows audio service and all its dependencies

Another very constructive explanation for this problem is the restart of Windows services and two or three of their dependencies or dependencies. Dependency services should start automatically when you start your computer. Follow these steps to change the settings:

Step one: First press the Window and R buttons together (Window + R button) and enter services.msc in the request field. Then click OK to save it.

Step two: Then browse through the following services and double-click one by one. Then, under Publishing Properties, to discover the source’s properties, select General and expand the Start Type section. Set the automatic start type, save it and press OK to save the changes.

  • Windows Audio Service
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Service
  • Multimedia Class Planning Service

Step three: Then right-click on the following services:

  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Service
  • Multimedia Class Planning Service
  • Windows Audio Service

Step four: Finally, select Restart from the displayed context menu and restart the computer.

The cross (X) on the sound icon in the taskbar should disappear shortly after restarting the dependency services, and you will not be able to see the error message The sound service is not working. Check if the problem is solved, if not, try another method.

Decision 3: Changing connection settings

In some cases, services may be allowed to login to a specific account. However, they are not necessarily configured to login to your specific user account. It is therefore necessary to change the connection settings. The following steps can be used to change the connection settings:

Step one: First press the Windows key and the R key together (Windows + R key), then you will be prompted to start.

Step two: Then type services.msc in the start line and click OK. Then press the Enter key.

Step three: Then move the mouse pointer and right click on the Windows audio service.

Step four: Now go to the Login tab of the Windows audio properties and select Local system account instead of this account.

Step five: Then you should check if there are any problems.

Step 6 : If the problem persists, also select the This Account check box and type Local Services in the Local Services text box.

Step seven: Then enter any password and confirm your choice in these fields.

Step 8 : Now select the Apply option and click OK to save the changes.

Step nine: Finally, check that the problem persists after these steps.


Care must be taken to ensure that the sound functions correctly in safe mode or that interference from third parties cannot be excluded. We hope that one of these methods will help you avoid the annoying text error The audio service does not work on Windows 10.

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